Why do you need the best VPN for Mac

If you think that Apple devices have higher immunity to cyber threats, you are wrong. Unfortunately, iMacs and Macbooks have always been a popular target for cybercriminals who steal ID, personal credentials, credit card reports, and online banking details. Thousands of people become victims of identity theft monthly. To avoid this, you should think of an instrument that will maintain your Mac's online security on a proper level. VPN is the strongest of them. And here is why. VPN implies a "virtual private network". It is a so-called digital tunnel that establishes an encrypted connection between your Mac and the Internet. When you install a VPN, it "hides" your IP and gives you a new one. People use VPN for a number of reasons:

It allows hiding the actual IP address and location,
It supports streaming services and torrenting,
It gives access to restricted and blocked pages,
It helps to avoid annoying advertisements and malware.

How to choose the best VPN for Mac

Regarding the huge variety of virtual private network services available on the market, the choice can be difficult. To make it easier and faster for you, we have tested several VPNs for Macbook and explained their pros and cons. Here is our ranking of the best VPN software:

It's one of the most secure, fast, and reliable services. They offer a military-encryption level, unlimited torrenting, no-logging policy, 90+countries, and free trial for 30 days. All features you need to trust Express.

Not only they offer 30-day free trial and zero-logging policy, but they also allow to connect safely to more than 55 countries, watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and enjoy anonymous P2P torrenting. Visit the official website for more details.

If you are looking for the best offer on a free trial (in case you don't need a VPN for a long period, for instance), consider this service. It offers 45 free days, a secure connection to more than 90 states, support of streaming services, and zero IP address leaks.

24/7 Clario Customer Support, 600+ tech experts who are always on hand, support of Tor, streaming websites, anonymous methods of payments, and strict surveillance of credit card reports. Clario is all about secrecy and security. For those who prefer easy and understandable interface, Clario would be the best option.

All these VPNs can work on different devices, and what is best - on several devices simultaneously. To mask your current IP and location, you just have to launch the VPN application, choose a country to connect, and start working.